Phoocatalyst Quilt Tapestry

Phoocatalyst Quilt Tapestry


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Company’s information according to the Specified Commercial Transaction Act  
Name of company Sun Bless co. ltd.
Person in charge Terushi Yoshimoto (president)
Address 16-1 Nakagawa Honmachi, Takaoka city, Toyama , 933-0046, Japan
Permission Sales agency of Photocatalyst coating “Sagan Coat” in the Hokuriku region
Item to sell Photocatalyst Quilt Tapestry
TEL・FAX TEL: 81 766 28 0120  FAX: 81 766 23 5303
Email address hikari@ka-i-te-ki.com
Web site http://www.ka-i-te-ki.com/himiko/