Phoocatalyst Quilt Tapestry

Phoocatalyst Quilt Tapestry

What is Photocatalyst?

Photocatalyst coating applied to Kimono Quilt Tapestry is Sagan Coat (aqueous solution of peroxotitanic acid), which is developed by KON CORPORATION in Saga Prefecture with patents of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Saga Prefecture, Nagoya City, and TOTO
It breaks down harmful organic substances including viruses, bacteria, molds, odor, volatile organic compounds (VOC).
In addition, photocatlyst coating has a self-cleaning effect. Photocatlyst coating applied to exterior walls will break down dirt with light and washed away by rain.
Photocatalyst was discovered by Dr. Akira Fujishima, who completed his Ph. D in the University of Tokyo and is a president of Tokyo University of Science. This is an environmental purification technology which is friendly to people and the earth and Japan should be proud of.

The mechanism of photocatalyst

■When titanium oxide contained in Sagan Coat receives light, it becomes super hydrophilic and produces active oxygen, which has strong resolutive power.

■It resembles photosynthesis of plants very much. In photosynthesis, plants produces oxygen from dioxide and water with the chloroplast as a medium.

Specialties and effects of photocatalyst”Sagan Coat”

Photocatalysis “Sagan Coat” is an aqueous solution of peroxotitanic acid.
Since titanium oxide is insoluble in water, other companies use organic solvents. For Sagan Coat, a solvent of purified water is used to make solution of titanium oxide in water (Patent of Saga Prefecture).
Therefore, it is no harmful to human health.
(According to a test result of Japan Food Research Laboratories)
The bird flu virus was broken down and removed by 99.99% in 48 hours.
(According to a test result by Laboratory of Zoo noses, Kitasato University School of Veterinary Medicine)
Photo atalyst “Sagan Coat” remains effective for about 10 years. It doesn’t require any maintenance.
(According to a test result of the Industrial Research Center in Aichi Prefecture)

4 major effects of photocatalyst

1. Self-cleaning

Photocatalyst breaks down oil which attaches dirt. The dirt is detached by the superhydrophilic effect, and washed away by rain. By repeating this, an object applied with photocatalyst coating is cleaned by itself.

[For exterior walls of buildings, signboards, street lamps, and boutique windows, etc.]

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2. Air purification

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulfur oxide (SOx), which are contained in the automobile exhausts, are harmful to human health.
NOx and SOx can be broken down and removed by applying photocatalyst coating.
Applying photocatalyst coating to exterior walls of residences will bring about the same effects with three ginkgo trees for air purification.

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3. Prevent sick building syndromes

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) may cause dizziness, a throat sore nasal inflammation, vomit, and dermatitis in a new or remodeled house. Photocatalysis breaks down and removes VOC.

[ Examples of applications and results ]

A junior high school in a prefecture
Before application After application
Principal's office 0.27ppm 0.01ppm
Classroom 3ppm 0.05ppm
Library 0.5ppm 0.07ppm
Teachers' office 0.1ppm 0.01ppm
Multipurpose hall 0.18ppm 0.07ppm
Computer room 0.18ppm 0.04ppm
Music room 0.11ppm 0.03ppm
A dormitory in a women’s college
Before application After application
Dining hall 0.10ppm 0.01ppm
Office room 0.12ppm 0.01ppm
Guest room 0.09ppm 0.01ppm
Computer room 0.08ppm 0.01ppm
Japanese room 0.18ppm 0.01ppm
Dormitory room 2nd floor 0.18ppm 0.01ppm
Dormitory room 3rd floor 0.11ppm 0.01ppm

4. Antimicrobial effect and mold prevention

It breaks coenzymes and a respiration system in cells of bacteria to stop bacteria and molds from reproducing.

[for bathrooms, toilets room, kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, etc. ]

At beginning
12 hours later

Various effects


If you have problems, such as dirt of exterior walls, oil spots in sash caulking, odor of auto exhaust in a parking lot, you should try it.

  • Exterior walls of residences
  • Exterior walls of shops, Boutique windows, Signboards
  • Exterior walls of hospitals, Signboards, Lightings
  • Exterior walls of hotels, Signboards
  • Exterior walls of offices, Signboards
  • Lightings in a parking lot
  • Against influenza viruses
  • Preventing molding in a bathroom
  • Preventing molding in a kitchen
Air purification
  • Protecting baby’s health
  • Preventing sick building syndromes in kid’s room.
Purifying water

If you have problems, such as allergies to formaldehyde in kid’s room, odor of a pet animal, nasty smell in a bed room, and any smells, you should try it.

    【Examples of application】
  • [Residence] Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, Kid’s room, Bedroom, Entrance, Toilet room
  • [Shop]Lobby, Shopping space, Guest room, Toilet room
  • [Hospital] Patients room, Lobby, Salon, Entrance, Guest room, Corridor, Toilet room
  • [Hotel] Guest rooms, Kitchen, Dressing room, Lobby, Entrance, Toilet room
  • [Office] Kettle room, Office room, Toilet room
    【Examples of application】
  • Deodorizing/antimicrobial in a kitchen
  • Deodorizing of a range hood
  • Deodorizing in a shop
  • Deodorizing in a room x
  • Removing particulate matters in guest rooms
  • Deodorizing in an office room
  • Deodorizing in a toilet room
  • Self-cleaning of exterior walls of a shop and an office
  • Self-cleaning of a signboard
  • Self-cleaning of exterior walls in an apartment
  • Classroom of kindergartens and elementary schools
  • Removing VOC in a corridor
  • Antimicrobial/deodorizing in a kitchen

Photocatalysis coating to Quilt Tapestry

By applying photocatalyst”Sagan Coat” to walls, a ceiling and curtains in a room, it exercises its beneficial effects on anti-virus, antimicrobial, mold prevention, deodorizing, and removing volatile organic compounds (VOC).
By hanging Quilt Tapestry applied with photocatalyst coating, it exercises its effects to clean the environment in a room.